Group Tower Electronics Limited is a professional distributor of electromechanical components located in Hong Kong, China and Tawan. Our target market covers Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Our clients include the world famous top 20 OEM/ODM manufacturers, product design houses, and local manufacturers scattered all over our region. We welcome high quality electronics or electromechanical components manufacturers join our sales and marketing channel. Your products will then be introduced to the first tier manufactuers in a day or two.

All the existing partners are cooperating with us for more than 10 years with sound relationship and good sales growth. 


At present, we are the distributor of : - 

RAFI GmbH - switches, industrial keyboards and switches,

MEC - switches,

Osada - terminal blocks,

Sonitron - piezo-ceramic buzzers, transducers and speakers

OTTO - switches, joysticks, control grip, and audio headphones,

Marquardt - appliance switches

Genge & Thoma - joysticks, potentiometers, 

Microprecision - professional microswitches

Wilbrecht - LEDs, signal lamps, and high precision resistors

Stacosystem - military control panels, mosaic switches, and switches for high speed train

Retex - aluminum rack mount, special application rack and enclosures

Waidner - anti-vandal enclosures, custom made enclosures

Pulsonix - PCB autorouting CAD system

Comitronic - safety switch

DDM hopt+schuler - coded switches, sensor switches

PTR - Terminal blocks

Hartmann - microswitches, coded switches

Control Resources - Smartfan sensors

With over 20 years of solid sales and marketing experiences in great China region, we can assure you of a good product exposure through the right channels.

Please contact us for cooperation possibilities.